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7 Questions to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home in Ghana

Posted on November 5, 2013 by admin in Ghana Homes

Building your dream home can be very exciting but financially draining as well if proper measures are not considered. For a lot of people, you actually envisage your home in your dreams before physically starting the foundation. If you want to forever love, cherish and enjoy living in your dream home, take time to think […]

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5 Steps to Acquire and Protect Your Land in Ghana

Posted on October 29, 2013 by admin in Land in Ghana

Land is a good investment and a valuable asset. It does not depreciate but rather appreciates with time. This means your land will be worth a double or triple or even quadruple of its current value in the next five to ten years. A lot can be done on the land to bring in income […]

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4 Things You Should Know about The Ghana Town & Country Planning

Posted on October 22, 2013 by admin in Ghana Homes

What Do You Know About The Ghana Town & Country Planning? Well planned communities not only beautifies an area but instills discipline and orderliness amongst the community members. It is amazing the extent to which countries go to plan and design their communities and cities in order to strengthen and boost their national architecture and […]

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Time to Build Green Home in Ghana? Here are 7 New Trends for Building Your Dream Green Home

Posted on October 2, 2013 by admin in Ghana Homes

Ghana is one of the countries that easily adapt new trends and technologies to improve systems and aid development. One such occurrence is building a green home which has generated a lot of interests and concern in Ghana’s building industry. When a home is green, it means the home design has considered protecting the environment […]

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Build Your Dream Home in Ghana! 10 Ideas That Really Work

Posted on September 20, 2013 by admin in Ghana Homes

Ghana is enjoying an economic boom as a result of the oil discovery and thus has currently become one of the best places in Africa to own a property. Coupled with the peaceful climate and welcoming friendly populace, this is the time to own a home and enjoy all the associated developing benefits. Here are […]

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