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Land Title Registration in 30 Days? The New Minister Demands

Posted on March 21, 2017 by admin in Freeman Setrana, Ghana Homes Articles

Registering your land helps you avoid or reduce litigation. It allows for easy transfer of interest especially after the land is sold out. It also helps the landowner use it as a surety to secure a loan. It removes the opportunity for fraud on innocent purchasers. Thus, a buyer, as well as the landowner, is protected against any unforeseen lawsuits in the future.

Unfortunately, getting your land registered can be a herculean task for many Ghanaians. As much as owning a property is a significant investment and comes at a high cost depending on where the land is situated, it is even more expensive trying to get your land registered. The length of time it takes a person to go through this process is stressful and discouraging. It can take you between one to three years to have your land registered.

It is as a result of this that the current Minister for Lands and Resources is pushing for a reduction in the duration of land registration. He is requesting that the land title registration period be reduced to 30 days. This decision forms part of the new government’s effort to delivering on a campaign promise made to Ghanaians during the run up to the 2016 elections. According to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), it will “commit to ensuring that turnaround time for land registration is reduced to 30 working days.” Therefore the government has charged the Lands Commission to sensitize its staff to work together so that they can achieve this target.


Consequently, reducing the duration of land title registration will impact positively on the economy of Ghana. It is expected that this action will help improve the property management services and eventually encourage both local and international investors to invest in the Ghanaian economy. The country will gain more revenue through investor’s contribution to the economy for the development of the country. Ultimately, acquiring a land in Ghana will be made very easy and eliminate the famous land litigations in Ghana.


Should the Ghana Land Commission facilitate or be in charge of land sales? Meaning every land deal should go through the agency?

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  1. Dennis Asanji on said:

    Hi there, I want to know more about the investment requirements of establishing business in Ghana, or buying land to build investment property as a none Ghanaian.

    I’m currently thinking of partnering with a fellow Ghanaian to do this but I’m very hesitant as my last Ghanaian partner was not of a trusting nature.

    What would be your advice?

    • Rev-Dr. Benjamin Ahiabor on said:

      I’m happy the current Government is taking steps to resolve this land registration “monster”. The long frustrating period one has to endure to get his/her land registered has been a great disincentive to investment. I have personally been a victim and have lost huge sums of money as a result of this long delay. I therefore wholeheartedly support the Minister’s initiative but my genuine question is: “Won’t the Technocrats kill this policy with another form of bureaucracy”? I humbly urge EVERY Ghanaian to support the Minister to succeed in this. God bless!

    • I am here in Ghana and interested in partnering you in the real estate business. Respond so we can discuss. whats up @ 0241850003

    • Moses Salakpi on said:

      Hello there, I would be glad to help you and partner with you in all businesses and investments you may have. I am Ghanaian and I reside in Ghana. I have a legal background.

      You can write to my email if you wish to further discuss this. My email address is

      Kind regards,

  2. Eunice on said:

    please I don’t know if you can help me with this, I purchase a land and since I finish paying is getting to a year now but still have not receive my document so I want to know if you can help me maybe , I don’t know.

  3. ANGELA THOMAS on said:

    I am glad to know that the government is stepping in a good direction…I am African American and I am also looking to acquire land and partnership in business .

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