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Property Taxes in The Greater Accra Area – Ghana

Posted on May 29, 2014 by admin in Uncategorized

Property taxes in Ghana, popularly known as property rate, paid on immovable property, is collected annually under the auspices of the Ghana IRS. The Domestic Tax Revenue Service charged with assessing and collection of property related taxes determines how much is to be paid by Ghanaian property owners.

Property tax is levied annually by local authorities on the estimated value of the property, depending on the classification of the area where the property is located. Previous rates ranged from 0.5% to 3%. These rates were by far, the highest rates paid on properties in the capital, Accra in comparison with other regions of Ghana.

Recently, rate imposts for all the rating zones in Accra have increased to approximately 13.33%. With the recent increase announced, property owners in Accra will pay about 10% more in property taxes annually. To obtain how much property tax to pay for the year, multiply your property’s ratable value by the rate impost applicable to the property type and rating zone.

The best way to know how much property tax will be levied on one’s property is to know his or her rating zone or residential class. The AMA (Accra Metropolitan Assembly) announced new rates at a general meeting of the Assembly on 31st October 2013 and published in the Local Government Bulletin, No.4, of 24th January 2014.

Ghana property tax

Below are rating zones of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly:

  • Residential Class 1A:
    • Achimota Forest Residential, Roman Ridge, Airport West, East Legon, Ambassadorial Enclave, Ridge.
  • Residential Class 1B:
    • Zoti, Abelenkpe, Dworwulu, North Dworwulu, East Legon Extention, West Legon, Ringway Estates, Nyaniba Tesano-1.
  • Residential Class 2A:
    • South Odorkor, DansomanSSNIT, Addogon, New Dansoman Estates, Latebiokorshie, Candle Factory, Mamprobi, Kanda Estates, Dansoman Estates, NimaAkuffoAddo, Asylum Down, Naaflajo, GREDA Estates, New Achimota.
  • Residential  Class2B:
    • Kwashieman North, Sakaman-Busia, Abofu New Dansoman, Mataheko, OsofoDadzie, West AbboseyOkai, Dansoman Sahara, North Alajo, Adabraka, Tesano-2, Kaneshie, Borabora Estates, Awudome Estates, North Kaneshie, Abeka, Fadama, Apenkwa, North Kaneshie Estates–CFC, Akweteman.
  • Residential Class 3A:
    • Kwashibu, Kwashiman, North Odorkor, Odorkor Old Town, Kwashieman Old Town, Odorkor, Stanley Owusu, Banana Inn, KorleGonno, MamprobiSempey, Maamobi, Old Dansoman, Kotobabi Police Station, Kpehe, Alajo, Kotobabi, James Town, Manhean, Alogboshie, AbekaLapaz, Bubiashie/New Fadama, Kisseman/Christian Village.
  • Residential Class 3B:
    • AbosseyOkai, Sukura, Russia, Sabon  Zongo, Town Council Line, Mamponse, Tunga, Nima, Accra New-Town, Shiashie Village, Darkuman, Bawleshie  Mempeasem, Anumle, North Abeka, Old Bubiashie, NiiBoyeman/Achimota.
  • Residential Class 3C:
    • Chorkor ,Mpoase, Gbegbeise, Shiabu, Luga, Osu Amanfo/Alata.
  • Commercial Class 1:
    • CBD and Extended CBD
  • Commercial Class 2:
    • Extended Central Business District including Tudu, Osu Amantra, Osu Anorho, CDC, Kuku Hill, Airport West, Switch Back Road, Roman Ridge, Airport By-Pass, Police Quarters, and DVLA.

From these residential ratings, it is easy to surmise that property tax is dependent as much on the location as on the value of the property. Commercial class property pays the most tax whilst tax payers in the residential class 3C contribute the least. With the checkered nature of the issuance of property tax, government revenue services are often the brunt of the complaints of many dissatisfied Ghanaians who are of the view that they have been over-billed, just by virtue of their location.

Ratings in Accra are far higher compared to the other nine regions of Ghana and thus, it would be advisable to inquire from tax authorities in these regions or you can use the Greater Region property tax rate as your baseline.



    Please, I want to know what the property tax or rate bill is used for.

    I am asking this because there is a lot of ongoing argument and the unwillingness to pay this bill not only in my area but also across the country due to the little or no educational knowledge we have about it.

    I therefore believe that the answer given me will enhance my hasty and willing payment of the bill, and also settle all argument surrounding it in my locality since I am ready to be a crusader and an advocate of it in my locality.
    Thank you.

    Isaac Kofi Boadi.

  2. Mel Little on said:

    I wanted to check to make property taxes were paid for Michaels S Ohenewaa Braina on April 19, 2017 for her 5 bedroom Bungalow on McClean St. in Accra. I have a receipt from Ghana Lands Commissions for the sum of $2,100.GH. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. MLittle

  3. Frank Spencer on said:

    Does Richard adelaquaye own or did he own 2 properties First one( 5 th crescent st east legion) second one ( ranch at kintampo buaben fiema) thankyou

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