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A Home Building Story With a “Happy Ending” for Robert and His Family

January 22, 2016 - By 
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This story has a happy ending…Let me tell you a quick story about Robert and his family.

Robert really can’t find a trusted and qualified architect to design his dream home for him.
Unfortunately, Robert stuck his head in the sand because deep down he didn’t believe he could succeed in finding a reliable and trusted architect who will help him build his Dream Home.

The most significant problem he saw was how to start and avoid being ripped off and not waste time and money.

Robert was desperate but didn’t have a clue where to begin.

Then one morning at breakfast, Robert was talking with his wife about their seemingly hopeless situation in finding a suitable architect to design his dream home when his young son said, “I believe in you daddy. I know you can find a way.”

At that moment, Robert son inspired him. He decided that he would not quit until he figured out what to do!

He searched high and low for the answer to his problem.

And then, when things looked darkest, Robert finally searched on Google and found what he’d been looking for – “Ghana House Plans.”

Ghana House Plans showed him ideas and how to start and build his dream home stress-free with a full and detailed easy to use house plan.

Robert also used the home plan, a bill of quantity and other documents to discover how to:

  • start with a step-by-step guide to build his dream home
  • leverage Ghana Homes expertise to build his dream home
  • know exactly how much his dream home will cost
  • negotiate a win-win contract with a contractor
  • stop wasting time and money

And best of all, Robert was able to start seeing results immediately, and the architect’s fee was less than the cost of the latest 55″ widescreen HDTV.

As you can see, this story has a happy ending for Robert and his family…

So, if you’re a looking to build your dream home and if you want to be like Robert, start today. Grab a copy of your dream home plan from “Ghana House Plans” now and let us help and show you how you too can start today in the quest to build your dream home… just like Robert.

We look forward to helping design your dream home. Click here, select a home plan that you’re interested in, email it to us and indicate you are ready to start today.


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