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Checklist Before Embarking on Home Renovation Projects in Ghana

January 23, 2019 - By 
Checklist Before Embarking on Home Renovation Projects in Ghana

– By Makafui Abena Kuffo

When the thought of home renovation occurs to you, you may probably be thinking that there should be damage somewhere in your home before the need for a home renovation arises; but a home renovation could include any change you need to make to the building’s structure. It includes changes that are made to suit your taste and to make you enjoy your home more.

It could be a room addition or a more spacious kitchen. Home renovations could also be done before the sale of a property. It is usually advised that you carry out renovation works on buildings before putting them up for sales if the property is not in good condition–home renovation increases property value.

Before you set out on a home renovation project, be sure to get these done:

1) Know Why You Are Embarking on the Renovation Project

Knowing the reason behind the renovation project helps in making rational decisions for a great renovation project and to create a scope of work. Perhaps, you have realized the need to create more space in your room to allow for the positioning of equipment. Understanding why you need to carry out a particular renovation work helps you to prioritize well and helps in making informed decisions like the involvement of a professional.

2) Have a Budget

Before you start with your planned renovation work, it is important that you create a budget. A budget will help you to determine if the project is doable. When creating a budget, there is the possibility that you will make some compromises based on your financial capability and the quality of work you desire. It is advisable that you do a Bill of Quantity and material selection with the help of a contractor and by seeking honest opinions from professionals. Creating a budget helps you to prepare well regarding finances and to avoid breaks in renovation work due to inadequate funds to continue.

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3) Write Down Everything

Writing down renovation works to be done, and recording progress is essential to keeping track of progress and working towards the attainment of precise objectives in the renovation. It also helps to ensure that the right thing is done.

4) Find a Professional Contractor

The services of a professional may be necessary depending on the scope of the renovation project. The duty or responsibility lies on you to research if there is the need to involve the services of professionals. It is advisable to get your team of professionals based on referrals from friends and relatives who have carried out similar projects. Getting a professional on board helps you to get expert advice on how the renovation work will be done and ensures that the work is done well. In conducting your search, be meticulous in determining who you bring on board.

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5) Do Your Research

It is also advisable that you do your research on what goes into the renovation work from friends, books, magazines, blogs and other internet sources. It keeps you informed and prevents chances of being duped or cheated.

6) Plan the duration appropriately

Planning the duration should be done realistically, making allowances for unforeseen circumstances. When the time frame for renovation work is well-planned, it helps the work to be done faster because of the deadlines attached to the various tasks to be performed.

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