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Land Expert’s Secret Guide To Types of Lands In Ghana

September 28, 2018 - By 
Types of Lands In Ghana

Types Of Lands In Ghana

By Augustin Kaku –

Lands In Ghana – One of the difficult tasks many people are facing is how to acquire land without much difficulty. Disputes and litigations characterize land ownership in modern Ghana in many instances. The truth is that land acquisition should not be a problem for you in modern Ghana. You can easily avoid the difficulty in a land acquisition if you know the different types of lands in Ghana and the right procedures in acquiring them.

There are two sources from which you can own land in Ghana. They are Customary and Public lands sources. Customary lands are lands that belong to stools, skins, families, clan or people belonging to a common ancestral lineage. Chiefs usually own these lands in trust of their subjects. Public lands, on the other hand, are vested in the president of the republic in trust of the citizenry for public use.

An individual can own customary lands through outright purchase, grant, marriage or inheritance. Previously, many people held traditional lands without any documentation. The trend is changing. Many people after buying traditional lands go a step further to register it. That is, to make it legally theirs. You are also encouraged to register any land property you purchase from customary sources.
Ownership of public lands is by way of outright purchase from customary landowners or private individuals–this is usually through outright sales or long-term lease.

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Regardless of the source from which you acquired your land, you are bound by some state institutions that regulate them. I will just mention them here briefly but throw more light on them for you in my subsequent articles. These institutions are the Lands Commission, Land Title Registry, Town and Country Planning Department, Land Valuation Board, Survey Department, Office of the Administrator of Stool lands and the Land Title Registry.
These institutions are established to ensure that the land you purchase is devoid of fraudulent acts and also to give you some level of satisfaction and a sense of security.

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