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Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Land Location

November 3, 2018 - By 
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No Location Is Too Far To Own A Home

By Augustin Kaku

There are many factors people consider before building their houses. One of such factors is the location of the land on which your home will be built. Location consideration is made from different angles. First, you may prefer to own a house in a location known to be occupied by “high class” people or an area for wealthy people in society. Another reason is the distance between your place of work and the location of your house to be. Many people do not own houses today due to the second reason which I describe as “the too far syndrome”.

My former Boss regretfully told me how he refused a plot of land in Darkuman, a suburb in Accra in 1975 because he thought the location was too far from his place of work and undeveloped. He refused another property in 1994 at Broadcasting, an area along the Accra-Kasoa high way. Today, his current house is located outside Accra; the Central Region to be precise.

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No location is too far in our modern society. Communities are catching up with advanced technology and development on a daily basis. Talk of the internet, access to water, road networks, electricity, markets, educational infrastructure to mention but a few. So please, don’t allow distance or location be a barrier to your owning a home.

With the development of Estate Houses like Ghana House Plan, new locations are receiving development at a rapid rate. Just be courageous to get your land no matter the location and start building, and you will be surprised how fast the area will develop.
Please note that the places you are considering to be closer today were once upon a time considered to be too far by some people like my former boss at work. The location of your new house will also be considered by people in the near future as being closer. Don’t be discouraged by distance or location.

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