The Importance of Building Permit in Ghana

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There are many reasons why you should obtain a building permit and required inspection for your construction project.

Obtaining building permits in Ghana is not easy. However, building permits are very important. Undertaking construction without a permit can result in fines to the property owner. In addition to fines, building inspectors will want to ensure that proper procedures were followed when constructing the building. The inspectors will inspect the building and order changes if necessary. Fixing permit violations in addition to the fines can be very expensive.

Building Permit Increases Property Value

One of the main reasons for obtaining permits before construction is for insurance and real estate value. Building that does not have a permit is non-existent in the eyes of insurance firms and banks.

If you construct a building without a permit, insurance firms will not cover the building. In addition, you will not be able to sell the house for as much as you would be able to had you obtained the permit. Property insurers will not cover work or damages caused by construction projects that lack proper permits.

Building Permit Makes Selling Property Easier

When selling property in Ghana through multiple listing associations, the owner is required to provide details about the property including improvements and repairs made and whether building permits and inspections were obtained.

Banks and other financial institutions will not finance a building purchase that lacks proper permits. If you decide to buy a building in Ghana that lacks proper permits, you may be required to obtain new permits, which may be quite expensive.

Building Permit Improves safety

Building permits allow building inspectors and construction project managers to reduce the risk of unsafe construction to provide for safety, public health and welfare. By obtaining building permits, your completed project will meet required standards for the safety of your family, friends and any other occupant. Building permits complement the contractor’s experience and act as a system of checks and balances that helps create safer projects.

It is financially sound to obtain a building permit as required by law. Your home or business building is your investment. If your construction project does not have a permit, the value of your investment is reduced significantly.

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