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What You Should Know Before Choosing Your Roofing Material

January 21, 2019 - By 
What You Should Know Before Choosing Your Roofing Material

– By Makafui Abena Kuffo

The roof of a building forms the upper covering of the building. The roofing material forms the outermost covering of a roof. The material used as roof covering plays a significant role in the health of the structure and the durability of the entire roof.

The material covering the roofing members is what is referred to as roofing material. Roofing materials have direct contact with external elements such as the weather. They also contribute significantly to the aesthetics of a building. For these reasons, it is necessary that you weigh the pros and cons of roofing materials before selecting the optimum one for your building. Here are things you should know before choosing your roofing materials in Ghana.

Thatch Roofing

thatch roofing Ghana

Thatch roofs are the best-insulated roofs, making them ideal for places with hot climates like Ghana. Notwithstanding, thatch roofs are vulnerable to being stripped by birds and are not very durable, compared to the other roofing materials on the market. However, if well-laid and secured, thatch roofs are maintenance free.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roofing Ghana

Shingle roofs are less expensive compared to clay tile roofs but are not the least expensive. Shingle roofs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which has significantly contributed to its popularity in recent times in Ghana. Shingle roofs are lightweight and fire-resistant. However, shingle roofs are purposely designed for pitched roofs and do not work for flat roofs. They are also highly prone to weather damage.

Clay Tile Roofing

ghana clay tile roofing

Tile roofs are one of the most attractive roofing materials. They are durable, fire resistant, require little or no maintenance and do not grow molds or algae.

However, due to their bulky nature, they are difficult to transport and also require that you reinforce the roof deck before installing them. Although the roofing material itself is designed to last, the underlayment must undergo maintenance after 8 to 20 years. The maintenance process is also another tedious task because you would have to first take off the heavy tiles before changing the underlayment. Again, the tile roof is relatively fragile. As such, if the need arises to do a satellite installation, extra care must be taken to ensure that the one who would be doing the installation does not break the roofing material while walking on it.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Ghana

This type of roofing material is the most widely-used in Ghana. The modern types of metal roofs are made to look like clay tiles and asphalt shingles. The most common types of metals used for this type of roofing material are aluminum, zinc, and steel. Metal roofs are durable, fire-resistant and require less maintenance. They are also very durable and can be installed over existing roof materials. Metal Roofs are light in weight compared to clay tiles. Metal roofs have the ability to radiate heat from the sun and hence minimize heat in a building during the daytime. They are also impervious to rain. The disadvantage of metal roofs lies in the fact that metal roofs produce noise when it is raining. However, this could be reduced by the use of sound insulation materials underneath the roof.

Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing Ghana

Although an expensive choice, Slate has a naturally beautiful look and can be laid out in a variety of patterns. They offer good fire protection, low maintenance and have less vulnerability to rot and insects. They come in a variety of sizes but have limited colours. Slate Roofs disadvantage lies in the fact that slate is breakable, making it difficult for maintenance works to be carried out on the rooftop. Slate roofs can also be very heavy.

Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing Ghana

Rubber roofs are also known as EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer). They are the greenest among the roofing materials. EPDM roofs are often made from recycled materials. They reflect the sun’s heat and insulate the home. They can be easily laid in a single piece depending on the roofing’s layout.

For this reason, they have a few joints and hardly have problems with leakage. They can also withstand high winds. The disadvantage of this roofing material lies in the fact that they are not so attractive regarding aesthetics. They are usually off-white or black.

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