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Why People Consider Living in the Countryside in Ghana

December 8, 2018 - By 
Why People Consider Living in the Countryside in Ghana

Image Source: Zillow Digs

– By Makafui Abena Kuffo

In recent times, it has become a common practice for purchasers of new lands in Ghana to opt for places within the outskirts of Accra–places around Aburi, beyond Kasoa, Prampram and Dawhenya areas for residential developments. Yes, most new developers are taking a different look at the areas we had before now, considered as countryside (suburbs).

But why is this so? Not long before now, people could pay any amount of money to secure plots within the city of Accra. People went the extra mile to purchase already-developed lands, demolish them, and build their new homes. There are still people who will do everything to live within the Accra city for good reasons, but others have found peace in residing at places we referred to as the countryside some time back. It may sound funny why one would want to move away from the city with all the beautiful infrastructure and facilities to live in the countryside. They may probably have given this some good thoughts you would be interested in getting to know:

In a country like Ghana where urbanization has made great stride with more than half of the country’s population residing in urban areas, most people who cherish peace and tranquility have found the countryside as their best abodes. With this, you do not have to deal with the noise from cars around the clock. Accra’s population has increased so much that, there is hardly a point in time where everybody is asleep. You will always have people awake, and your relationship with nature is virtually dead. You rarely hear the birds chirp at dawn or the cock crows, driving nature lovers to move to the countryside.

There is less pollution in the countryside. I cannot count the number of news items that have kept hammering on how much the fumes from the exhaust pipes of vehicles have significantly contributed to the air pollution menace in Accra. Currently, the rate of air pollution in Accra is on the rise. In the countryside, you hardly have these pollutions. The worse of it all is that, whereas air pollution in our cities is on the rise, trees are being always cut to construct buildings and infrastructure within the cities. And no one can be blamed for this, as this is a direct effect of increased population in our cities. Those who would choose their health over anything else move to the countryside to liberate themselves from the menace caused by air pollution.


Image Source: Zillow Digs

The cost of securing land in the countryside is another reason some people keep purchasing new properties in the countryside. The increase in Accra’s population has led to increased competition in buying land. The increased competition has not been without problems; multiple sales of lands, land grabbing and land guard issues. To stay away from such problems, accompanied by the expenses in securing lands inside the Accra city, people find the purchase of lands in the countryside to be much more convenient. To the countryside lovers, it is better to acquire vast tracts of land at affordable costs without litigation than to force yourself to live inside the Accra city.

People who live in the countryside are pleased people. They do not have to deal with traffic when they have no business in the city. They move freely, transact freely and live happily.

The best part of this is that most of these areas are expanding with an increased population within the city of Accra. Buying lands within the immediate outskirts of Accra have become significant sources of investment for most people who purchase property in these areas. You buy the land cheap today and sell it 10 times the price you bought it when the area gets well-developed.

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